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Toby Oliver Preston

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Name:Toby Oliver Preston
Birthdate:Nov 29
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America

Toby Oliver Preston is the youngest and only brother to Haley Jackson. They grew up together in London, England, until they relocated to New York when Toby was ten years old when their father, an IT Engineer, was offered a contract working with Apple that he couldn't refuse. Their mother was a grade school teacher and had no difficulties finding work herself. Toby was reluctant about the move at first, not wanting to leave his friends, but was glad they could live closer to their also emigrated cousin, Patrick Preston. It was after the move that Toby began to have a lot of difficulty in school. He didn't understand the teacher's instructions, found reading difficult, and his grades slipped to low levels that he never seemed to be able to get on top of, no matter how much extra assistance the school was giving him. It led to him being diagnosed with Dyslexia, which made a lot of things clear for his family, but Toby was never destined to be the brightest bulb in the bunch.

It was when he got to high school that things worsened. He got picked on for being 'dumb' and called stupid or an idiot by a lot of the kids in his class. He became a bit of a loner, finding it difficult to make friends because his classmates didn't understand what Dyslexia was and that he wasn't dumb, he just had a learning disability because he didn't see things the way other kids did. By the time Toby was sixteen and just entered his junior year, the teasing reached great heights. He was trying to drum up support to start a photography club by putting posters up around the school. When he stopped on the steps to pin one up (none of which got any interest), he was egged by a bunch of jocks right in front of the entire 'popular crowd'. They were laughing and taunting him, and in his haste to get away, he slipped on the raw eggs and fell, hitting his head hard on the stairs. He was knocked unconscious and the concussion he sustained was so bad he ended up having convulsions right in the wake of it. He was rushed to hospital and kept there for almost two weeks while the head injury was treated, but luckily escaped without any lasting damage and cleared.

Toby has always been an average kid. He harbours a bit of a dork streak, but only because he has been socially awkward and alone due to the hardships with his Dyslexia. He needs a lot of extra help and had to learn a whole new way of being taught so he could understand easier. He loves company, but the last couple of years of his life have been very lonely in a school he was never happy in and constantly teased. He never managed to make many friends, and those he did, he wasn't really close to. He has a mischievous sense of humour and grew up loving Monty Python, dabbling with photography, and learning bass guitar. His all-time favourite movie is Labyrinth because he was named after the baby brother from the film.

- PSL -


"I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down."
- Tubthumping, Chumbawumba

After his accident, Toby is left feeling even more lost than he ever has been. He doesn't want to return to his old school, so much so that his parents have been contemplating transferring him to a private school that will pay more focus and give more support for his learning struggles. He has never even come close to any sort of romantic life or interest, pretty convinced no girl would look twice at him. He isn't a fan of sports, always a bit clumsy with them or left out of team pickings. His favourite person in the whole world is his big sister who has often been the one to wipe up his tears after his hardest days at school that got him down.

He never wishes to be popular, knowing how shallow the popular kids always seem, but he would love a couple of friends or maybe even a best friend one day that he can hang out with and confide in, and one that doesn't judge him or look at him differently for being the odd one out. He hates being Dyslexic because of the trouble it's brought him, but he knows he can't choose what he is and just deals with it the best he can.

Since his big sister married the love of her life, Luke Jackson, Toby has spent a lot of time with them, adoring Luke to bits, and struck up a bit of a companionship with Luke's younger brother, and the same age as him, Will Jackson, but with Will being ill with leukemia and only recently going into remission, they are only just beginning to get to know each other more and if Haley has her way, she wants Toby to go to the same private school Will does and never go back to the hell hole where he got seriously injured.

Toby is an Original Character created for PSL/musebox, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

RP and muse journal for original character Toby Preston, created for [community profile] dreamlikenewyork PSL/musebox. All rights and written entries by [personal profile] biggusdickus is original work and owned by her creator. For fiction and RP purposes only, no infringement intended. PB is Matt Prokop.

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